Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Very rich, very poor

Please don't touch yourself

Thursday, May 16, 2013

To cap it all, even highways are exploding in China

An exploding fireworks truck has caused an entire stretch of Chinese highway to collapse, with two of China’s most notorious and frequent accidents combining with spectacularly tragic severity. The Henan province elevated highway collapsed after the firework laden truck blew up, taking down the entire highway and the rest of its traffic. At least 5 fatalities resulted from the explosion and subsequent collapse.

Holy Atlantic crap! Even chairs are now exploding in China

China is again quaking in its seats after being shaken by yet another incident of a randomly exploding chair horribly maiming the poor unfortunate sat upon it.

The incident occurred in a Fujian province apartment one evening after its female resident finished showering and took a seat to dry her hair.

30 seconds after taking a seat, the chair’s gas cylinder exploded with devastating force, severely injuring her backside, anus and vagina.

She was hospitalised and a number of operations were necessary to completely remove all the iron fragments and screws which had been embedded in her body by the explosion.

The mysterious case of exploding coins

A small child has reportedly fallen victim to China-quality coinage, with the currency exploding in his hands. 
The exploding money was encountered by a 3-year-old boy in China’s Fujian province, when it blew up in his hands.

If you want a Maserati, ask from this guy

A car owner and his friends murdered his Maserati with sledgehammers outside the Qingdao Auto Show in China to express his anger at a local dealer repairing his $423,000 Quattroporte with second hand parts