Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cheating husband, cheating wife incidentally met while cheating each other

A couple from Guangxi in southern China who had each planned to cheat on the other did not expect that they would catch each other in the act with another partner at the same hotel on Aug. 22, the day before Qixi, or Chinese Valentine's Day.

The pair pretended to be strangers when they spotted each other but later had a big fight after they returned home, from the same hotel, reports the state-run China News Service.

The report did not mention whether they arranged for a taxi together to return to the house.

A man surnamed Luo told his wife he was going away on business with his manager for a couple of days, starting on Aug. 22. Luo's wife was secretly glad to hear the news, since she had arranged to meet a man she had got to know via the internet the same day.

The wife was a little more than surprised, however, when she spotted her husband with another woman leaving an elevator in the same hotel she and her internet date had booked after returning from dinner. The woman seemed close to her husband and her hand was in his. On seeing each other, the couple pretended to be strangers and continued with their romantic Valentine plans.

The wife reportedly excused herself from her date and made a phone call to her husband, asking him to go home immediately for a "talk."

The noise from the resulting "talk" disturbed the neighbors, who called the police. The police broke up the fight and told them to cherish their family.

The couple agreed and made up.