Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why Chinese supermarkets are 19,999 times better than American ones?

This girl was in a supermarket in China. She was dressed to kill (especially those with weak hearts).. I wonder how her face looks like. Doesn't look like she's wearing underwear too LOL!

Cheating husband, cheating wife incidentally met while cheating each other

A couple from Guangxi in southern China who had each planned to cheat on the other did not expect that they would catch each other in the act with another partner at the same hotel on Aug. 22, the day before Qixi, or Chinese Valentine's Day.

The pair pretended to be strangers when they spotted each other but later had a big fight after they returned home, from the same hotel, reports the state-run China News Service.

The report did not mention whether they arranged for a taxi together to return to the house.

A man surnamed Luo told his wife he was going away on business with his manager for a couple of days, starting on Aug. 22. Luo's wife was secretly glad to hear the news, since she had arranged to meet a man she had got to know via the internet the same day.

The wife was a little more than surprised, however, when she spotted her husband with another woman leaving an elevator in the same hotel she and her internet date had booked after returning from dinner. The woman seemed close to her husband and her hand was in his. On seeing each other, the couple pretended to be strangers and continued with their romantic Valentine plans.

The wife reportedly excused herself from her date and made a phone call to her husband, asking him to go home immediately for a "talk."

The noise from the resulting "talk" disturbed the neighbors, who called the police. The police broke up the fight and told them to cherish their family.

The couple agreed and made up.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mahjong kills

A netizen posted CCTV footage online of an old man in his 70s losing consciousness and collapsing at a Mahjong arena.

People around him were so absorbed in their game that they did not notice him. Eventually, he passed away before the ambulance arrived.

Finger licking good

Look familiar. Might or might not taste familiar. Definitely cheaper

To escape injury from car accidents, wear high heels and don't wear any clothes

A 17-year-old girl has been fined for driving with high heels and without a license after overturning her car in Nanjing.

The girl, surnamed Xu, is enrolled as a student in the United States. She was not hurt in the incident and passed both the alcohol and drug test but was fined 50 yuan (US$8) due to her 18cm high heels.

The lucky young lady, who escaped being injured in the accident, emerged from the sunroof of her overturned car in clothes that seemed painted on to her body, reported Want Daily.

Xu said this was the fourth accident she has been in since she started driving a year ago. She has survived all of them without a scratch, despite the fact that she barely had any clothes on to protect her, the paper noted.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What a delicious melon?

It is called Vietnamese melon but this one found in China... according to

Monday, August 27, 2012

Wife wants sex change to escape mum-in-law

Chen and Jiang get a doctor’s advise on their sex swap plan.

A Chinese couple that’s been married for less than a year say they want a sex change for the both of them so they can swap roles in the family—and so she can escape her mother-in-law.

Jiang Ling and her husband Chen Li, both 37, hail from Jiangyong of Hunan province and tied the knot through a matchmaker. Jiang Liang told, the Hunan Provincial Government news portal, “I’m stronger than him, physically and mentally, so I’d be better off as a man and I can take care of him.”

Jiang’s other reason for the sex change is to escape the constant criticisms from her mother-in-law. “I can become a man and marry (Chen) and then his mother can’t grumble and curse at me anymore,” she said.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Take a cab and be pricked by HIV needle

A man was pricked by a syringe that was found to contain traces of the HIV virus when taking a taxi in Beijing on on Aug 21. It will require another three tests and three months for the man to know if he has been infected with the virus, reports The China Times.

When thirty-seven-year-old Xu Tian (not his real name) got into the backseat of a taxi in Beijing's Haidian district, he felt a sharp twinge on his leg. Reaching over, he found a syringe containing unknown yellow sticky fluid fixed to the back of the front seat, next to the magazine rack. The taxi driver had no idea that the syringe was there and sent it to the hospital for examination with Xu the next day.

Shockingly, the center said the fluid contained HIV. The doctor said it was just a quick test, requiring a further examination for confirmation. The center has sent a sample of the fluid to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the doctor said.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to fool traffic cops when not wearing seatbelts

Chinese authorities are aghast at the recent popularity of “seatbelt shirts,” innovative articles of clothing which allow China’s drivers to circumvent the incredibly onerous requirement that they wear seatbelts whilst driving.

The shirts are said to be increasingly popular both due to their effectiveness at fooling police and their (to Chinese eyes at least) near fashionability, with the expected flood of copycat products only adding to their spread.

None too surprisingly, the shirts are apparently a response to efforts to crackdown on drivers refusing to wear seatbelts – actually wearing them being quite out of the question for many - Sankaku Complex

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2 Billions Mice Invaded Central China

Two billions mice overrun Central China after a large flood drove the mice out of islands on Donting Lake in Central China. The invasion which began in June have ravaged crops in 22 counties around the lake.

Residents have so far killed 2.3 millions mice.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

They have orgy in China, don't they?

Weibo, China's popular Twitter clone, has published photos of a six-person orgy that could turn into a big political scandal for China.

Rumors are rife that the particpants were high-ranking Communist officials.

You can see the photos HERE

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

32% of Chinese online shoppers have encountered fraudulent web sites

As of June 2012, more than 60 million Internet users in China had lost over 30 billion yuan (4.7 billion US Dollars) due to online fraud, according to statistics released by China Electronic Commerce Association and other departments.

The frauds mainly occurred on online shopping websites, where buyers usually pay for their "goods" and are not allowed refunds, because the money is delivered directly to the seller's account.

Other tricks include advertising fake products through search engines and copying the styles of popular shopping websites and products.

Statistics show that 31.8 percent of Internet users who shop online have encountered fraudulent websites and nearly 61.7 million people have been victimized.

Trial on for teenager who sold kidney for iPad

A court in the People's Court in Beihu District of Chenzhou Hunan province opened the trial last Thursday of nine people involved in the case of a teenager who sold a kidney in order to buy an iPhone and iPad, Xinhua reported.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The glorious job as a stewardess takes its toll

Sin Chew Daily reported that a senior air stewardess from China Airlines was believed to have died from overwork.

The woman was found dead in the bathroom of her house on July 23, soon after she came back from working for 11 days straight.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Great Wall of China collapsed

A recently restored section of the Great Wall of China has collapsed, prompting much soul-searching as to how modern Chinese construction techniques could not keep standing for 2 decades what had previously stood for centuries.

The collapse occurred on 36m section of the Great Wall running through Hebei province suddenly one morning, shaking the adjacent town.

The section in question reportedly underwent major restoration work in 1995, and upon its completion in 1996 it was hailed as “returning the wall to its traditional splendour.”

Local authorities have acknowledged it was the restored section which fell down, blaming heavy rains for weakening its foundations and causing structural weaknesses.

However, with the adjoining unrestored sections completely intact even after centuries, a certain amount of scepticism has attached to the quality of both their workmanship and ongoing oversight.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Mystery Of Exploding Soy Sauce

Even China’s best known traditional sauce is exhibiting explosive properties, with diners throughout China now in danger of being unexpectedly seasoned.

A 1.9 litre bottle of soy sauce was found to have exploded in a village dining facility, generously spraying the room with its contents.

The bottle was supposedly only 5 months old and had a shelf life of 18 months, but secondary fermentation had taken place, causing pressure in the bottle to build to explosive levels.

Soy sauce is normally pasteurised after fermentation, sterilising it and stopping further fermentation; this process was apparently omitted or botched in the case of the exploding bottle.

A variety of similar cases have been reported; Chinese media has been stressing the importance of not leaving soy sauce in warm places for long periods of time lest it explode.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

No fasting please! You are a Chinese Muslim

Chinese Muslim officials as well as students under the age of 18 in the restive northwestern region of Xinjiang are not allowed to fast during the holy month of Ramadan, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.

In a bid to clamp down on religious extremism, Communist Party leaders posted guidance on numerous government websites restricting Muslim religious activities, including fasting and visiting mosques, the UAE-based newspaper, The National reported.

The Chinese central government has also asked officials in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region to discourage the local Muslim population to fast, highlighting in particular the health concerns.